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Do you love to ride?

Epic Road Rides is an award-winning website for anyone that loves to ride and is searching for unforgettable road rides in the world's best cycling destinations.

We are the online travel guide for road cyclists.  

your independent guide for where to go, ride and stay

Have you ever thought

  • Where should I ride?
  • Where’s the best place to stay?
  • Should I take my bike or hire one?
  • How can I fit cycling into a holiday with non-cyclists?

You’re not alone. Each day at Epic Road Rides, we help answer these kinds of questions. We give inspiration on where to go and practical advice on how to make it happen.

We help people spend less time searching the internet and more time riding.

Epic Road Rides does things differently

What makes this website different from other cycling and travel sites?

  • We only recommend what we love. Epic Road Rides has one overriding rule: What would we recommend to our best cycling buddy? 
  • We are impartial. We aren’t a tour company, so we don’t have trips to sell. We take great care in finding and telling you about the best routes to ride in the most amazing places. That is our priority and it's why we’re a great place to start if you’re not sure where you want to go. Once you have decided, you can trust us to give you an honest, cyclist’s opinion on the best rides, accommodation and everything else you need.
  • We love detail. Our aim is to give you the full, in-depth picture so you don’t have to waste your time on research and route planning. Epic Road Rides loves detail!
  • We are all about road cycling. We don’t try to cover mountain biking and bikepacking too. We know what road cyclists want!
Descending down towards Capafonts

What you’ll get from us

We have inspiring first-hand accounts of our favourite rides in every destination we visit plus everything you need to plan an epic trip:

We want to be your first port of call when you’re thinking about a cycle trip.

If there’s a cycling destination we haven’t covered that you think we ought to – let us know.

It's all about finding YOUR epic road ride

I'm Clare, founder of Epic Road Rides. I'm a road cyclist with a passion for travel. I've spent the last 15 years exploring the world’s best road cycling destinations with my cycling fanatic husband.

Clare from Epic Road Rides

An epic ride for one person is not necessarily an epic ride for someone else.

For example, whereas I love cycling challenges that double as luxurious breaks in stunning surroundings, my husband is much tougher. As a British national time trial medallist who has dabbled in road racing and also raced mountain bikes, he’d prefer 100 miles before breakfast!

Epic Road Rides covers this spectrum and ability: you’ll find everything from 20 mile coffee runs to century rides with thousands of metres of climbing.

We also know what it’s like as a cyclist with kids. It’s all still possible, it just requires more planning. We share what we’ve learnt, to make it easy for anyone planning a trip to get out there and ride!

Epic Road Rides is for you whether:

  • You’re male or female, pro or novice.
  • You race or meander.
  • You’re after Tour de France climbs or hidden backroads.
  • You’ve got a carbon Cervelo or a vintage steel Reynolds 531.
  • Your whole family shares a love for cycling or it’s just you.
  • You want to spend two weeks riding or simply a few days.

We hope you enjoy it!

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