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​Best cycling socks review: Endura FS260 Pro Socks

My hunt for the best cycling socks has been a two decade long mission! The list of criteria is extensive: the right length, snug but not tight, thin but comfortable, and available in both black and white to match all kit, moods and weather.

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The Endura FS260 Pro Socks give you all of this.

I also love the ethos and commitment to excellence of this Scottish brand.

They’re not cheap, but buying cheap means paying twice and life’s too short to wear bad cycling socks!

Red and black Endura FS260 socks - we think they are the best cycling socks


  • ​Millimeter perfect length between ankle and calf
  • ​Look and feel awesome
  • ​Available in black and white
Two endura FD260 red and black socks, showing different logos on cuffs
Endura FS260 cycling sock cuffs
Toes of the Endura FS260 socks


  • ​Expensive

What do you think of ​endura fs60 pro sock?

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