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​Best electrolyte tablets: High5 Zero review

​I’ve often suffered with cramp over the years, and have found taking extra electrolytes is a good way to reduce or prevent it. Friends often ask what I think the best electrolyte tablets/drink are.

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While I haven’t done a tonne of rigorous scientific testing, I really like High5 Zero.

The tablets come in tubes of 20 tablets and you typically use one to two tablets added to water in a standard 750ml bottle, depending on your taste preference and electrolyte needs. The tablets snap easily in half for easy customisation of strength. You just drop them into the water and wait for them to dissolve.

best electrolyte tablets - High5 zero

​The calorie content (8ish calories in carbohydrates) is negligible - so these are not an energy source. Let’s face it, many of us ride our bike at least partly to keep our waistline in check, while still indulging in our fair share of our favourite alcoholic beverage, good food and sweet treats. Low or medium intensity rides of up to 90 minutes may not even require nutrition beyond a normal balanced diet. Even elite athletes burning thousands of calories per day will manage their calorie intake for optimum performance and may sometimes restrict calories on low intensity ‘fat burn’ rides.

So we don’t always need extra calories in a sports drink - and its why High5 Zero electrolyte tablets are great. They help maintain a good balance of electrolytes, especially in hot conditions, on the turbo trainer or sweaty cardio gyms, but they don’t mean you have to take in a load of calories at the same time.

They come in a wide range of flavours and the taste is good. My favourite is Pink Grapefruit, with one-and-a-half tablets in a 750ml bottle.

You can also get them in the Xtreme version, with 75mg of caffeine per tablet.

Of course, you can use them alongside other nutrition if you need the energy content. Your dentist will thank you for not bathing your teeth in sugary liquid!

High5 zero tablets


High5 Zero electrolyte tablets provide an excellent, cost-effective and no-fuss drink if you’re looking to keep your electrolytes in balance and try and avoid cramping, with negligible calories


  • ​A range of essential electrolytes to avoid cramp when you’re working hard on hot days or on the turbo trainer
    Wide range of flavours for variety and to suit every taste
  • ​Simple no-nonsense packaging and easy to dispense
    Great value


  • ​None we can think of!

What do you think of ​High5 zero electrolyte drink?

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