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​Best sunscreen for cycling? Ambre Solaire Clear Protect 30

​The first thing to say is that I’m not a doctor, so my love of Ambre Solaire Clear Protect 30 has no medical basis and is backed by zero medical knowledge or research.

However, years of road cycling in sunny places means I have tried a lot of lotions, creams and potions, forever in pursuit of the best sunscreen for cycling.

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My non-medical, non-research based opinion is that Ambre Solaire Clear Protect 30 is brilliant.

My two favourite things are that it is almost totally non-sticky and non-greasy (presumably due to its alcohol base) and it “just works” (for me, anyway!). I’ve used it when cycling all over the world, including in super hot and humid places like Barbados, and I find it very effective.

I wouldn’t be without it on any bike trip.

We think Ambre solaire is the best sunscreen for cycling


  • ​A clear spray that’s non-greasy and non-sticky.
  • ​Water resistant.
  • ​Doesn’t stain clothes.
  • ​It doesn’t run into my eyes even when I’m in a super-sweat.
  • ​Transparent panel on the side of the bottle so you can see how much sunscreen there is left.
  • ​The bottle has finger-shaped grips, which help with spraying even when your hands are slippy.
Side view of ambre solaire sunscreen
Back view of ambre solaire sunscreen bottle


  • ​Difficult to tell whether you’ve got full coverage as it’s a fine transparent mist spray.
  • ​UVA three stars.
  • ​The bottle can be tricky to spray at certain angles, especially when there’s not much left.

What do you think ​is the best sunscreen for cycling?

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