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​Bike pizza slicer: our review   

​As friends know I love cycling, birthdays are often a time when I receive a wealth of cycling gifts of varying use and quality. I must admit I was a bit dubious when I ripped open the wrapping paper to find this bright yellow bike pizza slicer.

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Was this going to be another novelty cycling gift?

Despite initial impressions, I have come to love this jolly little kitchen tool. It is a surprisingly good pizza cutter: well made and very effective at slicing pizza. It now sits on our kitchen shelf, and I enjoy using it.

The bright yellow frame makes me smile, and my mind invariably wanders to the Tour de France - it’s something about that yellow. So it’s my tour de pizza pizza cutter!

Yellow bike pizza slicer


  • ​Offers a clean slice, even on the toughest of pizzas: I’ve found the first wheel forms a sort of furrow with the rear wheel giving traction to give a clean cut. Usually, the operation can be completed with one single-handed sweep across the pizza and no need to move back and forth!
  • ​It looks fun and cheeky.
  • ​The wheels are made of metal.


  • ​The bike feels a little bit flimsy in the hand, though I’ve found the cutting action good (see above).
  • ​Not the cheapest pizza cutter on the market.

What do you think of the bike pizza slicer?

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