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​Cycling phone wallet pouch: Mpow waterproof case

​I’ve been using my Mpow cycling phone wallet pouch since November 2017, and it’s massively improved my cycling life! To be fair, anything would have been an improvement on my previous solution: the trusty ziplock bag.

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But I do really like Mpow’s waterproof phone bag. It’s designed for underwater use, so a cycling jersey pocket is easy-going territory. Despite being out in heavy rain and the odd bit of sleet, the phone pouch hasn’t failed me yet.

cycling phone wallet pouch


  • ​Confidence that the contents of the pouch are not going to get wet (but do as they suggest and test in the sink first!).
  • ​The fit around my iPhone 6 plus is tight, and it means I can use my phone when it’s inside the pouch. Even photos come out well.
  • ​Comes with a lanyard/neck strap too in case you want to use the pouch in the pool too.
  • ​Great value for money - two in each pack and very reasonably priced.


  • ​If you’ve got a big phone (like my iPhone 6 plus), you won’t fit in much more than your phone, a bank card and a couple of bank notes. My iPhone 6 plus in its (excellent) tough but streamline case, is a snug fit. If your phone is any bigger you might struggle: measure before you buy.
  • ​The fasteners are quite stiff to open.

What do you think of​ mpow's bicycle phone bag?

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