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​Cycliq Fly6 rear light and camera review

​​It’s a sad fact that cyclists are vulnerable road users and need to be seen, while a video record can also be a good precautionary measure.

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The Cycliq Fly6 rear light and camera combines both in one well-built and reliable unit.

The Fly6 light has both flashing and fixed modes. It is impressively bright.

Don’t expect to be shooting feature films with the camera, but you should catch any close passes and can have some fun on group rides.

The video camera footage loops when the memory capacity is exhausted. An 8GB SD card is provided, and up to 32GB can be used.  If the device is tilted more than 30° from horizontal for more than 5 seconds, incident capture mode will activate. The Fly6 will continue to record for 1hr and then switch off.

cycliq fly6 rear light camera shown face on

The quality is adequate to identify number plates in most conditions. At night, headlights can overwhelm the visibility, but this is not really a reflection on the camera itself. It is impressive that even when the light is operated, it does not impact on your video footage. In wet and mucky conditions you will need a mudguard to avoid the unit getting a thorough spraying with muddy water, impairing visibility.

Some users point to the battery life as a limitation, but if you consider that this unit houses both 720p video recording and a 30 lumen light, the reported 6 hours seem impressive for the price. My experience is slightly shorter than claimed, but not significantly so.

Cycliq describes the use of nanotechnology to ensure the waterproofing of the unit. I won’t claim to have investigated the science, but it works perfectly after daily use in the worst that the British winter has thrown at it.

Note: I've had this light for several years, which is why the photos show some signs of wear and tear! It's still in pretty good shape though given what the British roads have thrown at it!


  • ​Good quality and rugged unit
  • ​Easy to operate
  • ​Fitting is straightforward
  • ​Good value for money compared to separate lights and action cameras
Side view of cycliq fly6 rear light camera
Rear view of cycliq fly6 rear light camera
cycliq fly6 rear light connected to cable


  • ​There are limits on the quality of video footage, particularly at night

What do you think of ​the cycliq fly6 rear camera and light?

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