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Eat Natural bars

Google “best energy bars for cycling” and you’re unlikely to find suggestions for Eat Natural bars. But when you’re out on the bike for the day, sometimes you get sick of super sweet, artificial bars. All you crave is normal food. That’s where Eat Natural bars are just the ticket.

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They are made from a simple list of ingredients: basically just dried fruit, nuts and yoghurt. They are much more substantial than many cereal bars and are high in calories so they give you the energy boost you need. Plus they taste delicious and we find them much easier to chew and take in than many of the specialist bars. Try them!


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    Moist and chewy
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    Easy to eat and digest on the bike
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    Contain only natural ingredients – no artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives
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    Gluten free
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    High in calories
Eat Natural bar in wrapper
Eat Natural bars in box
Eat Natural bar unwrapped
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