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​Flight footrest/kids flight bed: fly legs up (kids version)  

​I bought our Fly Legs Up (kids version) before our flight to California in 2017. Since then I’ve used it on both long and short haul flights, for myself (as a flight footrest) and the kids (as a kids flight bed).

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (more detail below).

Except on one occasion (when our 2-year-old was being truly terrible - a case of her being at fault, not the product!), the Fly Legs Up has worked well and provided a comfortable way for my youngest to sleep and rest on our flights around the world. I’ve also used it when she hasn’t.

Probably time to invest in one for each of the family!

Inflatable cushions that you blow up in a few puffs

The hammock that goes over the tray table. The inflatable cushions slot into here.


  • ​Small and light so easy to fit into your hand luggage.
  • ​5 minutes to set up; maybe less once you’ve done it a few times.
  • Allows little/short kids to lay flat across the seat. Even when they're awake, it gives a flat play platform and reduces the amount of fishing around on the floor for lost toys.
  • ​Older kids/adults can use it as a footrest as the two inflatable cushions are different sizes. You can also adjust how inflated they are, so you can have the footrest higher or lower to suit.
  • ​Can use it even if the person in front reclines the seat.
  • ​Can also still use the seat belt and tray table.


  • ​There are two cushions to inflate and velcro straps to attach to the seat tray. This attracts attention, and you might get a few odd looks.
  • ​Due to this and the fact you block a seat, works best if you have the row to yourself.
  • ​You need a tray table in front of you, so can’t use it in the bulkhead seats.
  • ​Use of the Fly Legs Up (as with any flight footrest/kids flight bed) is at the discretion of the flight crew. We haven’t had any problems, but you may be asked not to use it (note Quantas and Jetstar’s policies in particular).

What do you think of ​fly legs up (kids)?

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Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a commission. This comes at no additional cost to you. We recommend Fly Legs Up (Kids) because we’ve used it and think it’s a great product, not because of the small commission we make if you decide to buy one. Read our disclosure policy (which includes our Amazon Associates disclosurefor more information. 

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