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​Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Strap Review

​While power measurement has long taken over from heart rate at the cutting edge of power measurement, heart rate measurement is still a useful complement, or a no-frills alternative if you don’t have the right power measurement kit.

This is a no-nonsense, adjustable heart rate strap that performs with a minimum of fuss.

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The adjustable elastic strap attaches to a central plastic chest sensor. While it may not be quite as comfortable as other alternatives like the Garmin Premium Soft Strap Heart Rate Monitor, I have found it much more reliable and long lasting.

With industry standard Ant+ transmission, it will connect to all likely receivers. Changing the CR2032 battery is no fuss, with easy coin opening.

Garmin heartrate monitor strap in two sections


  • ​Reliable and robust construction
  • ​Lasts a long time and nothing to rust
  • ​Battery replacement is a piece of cake
Back of Garmin heartrate monitor strap
Garmin heartrate monitor strap
Side of Garmin heartrate monitor strap


  • Still needs terminals dampening before use
  • ​There are slightly more comfortable options

What do you think of ​the garmin heart monitor strap?

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