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​GoPro cycling camera: Hero5 Session

​Trying to work out the best GoPro for cycling?

Read on!

GoPro and cycling cameras are practically synonymous.

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The Hero Session 5 ​is GoPro’s most compact camera.

Because it’s so small (74g and 38x38x38mm) and doesn’t require external housing, I can mount it in lots of places the VIRB won’t fit. For example on my helmet or axle (using this excellent little​
mount). I really notice the difference in weight versus more bulky cameras when mounted on my helmet.

gopro cycling camera


​It’s easy to operate the camera - just a single press of the button on top to both start and stop it.

Voice activation is also handy if you end up mounting the camera somewhere inaccessible. However, it might not be totally reliable if there’s background noise; if you’re racing downhill the wind noise means you’ll need to yell at the Session to make it hear you.

Navigating the menu on the rear of the camera is easy and intuitive. Options include settings for resolution, field of view and image stabilisation (though this is disabled when shooting in 4k). However there’s no touchscreen display, so if you want to do more to frame your shots you have to use the companion Capture app.

There’s support for an external microphone.


​The Hero5 Session is supplied with a helmet mount, mounting frame, low-profile mount, flat and curved adhesive mounts plus ball-head mount. The latter lets you can easily adjust the angle of the camera and spin the camera around.

The camera also comes with a USB Type-C to USB cable. You have to provide your own microSD card.

​Connectivity, App and Software

​The camera supports Bluetooth and WiFi. This means you can pair the camera with the app and remotely control the camera - for example change the camera settings and get a live view (since there’s no display on the camera).

For editing, you can use the Quik app or the desktop software which is fine but less advanced than some video editing suites.


​My favourite things about the Hero5 Session are its small footprint, video quality, the fact it’s waterproof and has pretty decent battery life.

I also use a Garmin VIRB Ultra 30, but the clear advantage of the Hero 5 Session is the size. 


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    ​Fantastic video quality in 4k
  • circle
    Electronic image stabilisation in non-4k resolutions
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    ​Small and light so lots of mounting options
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    ​Wind noise reduction
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    ​Dual microphones are sensitive
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    ​Waterproof to 10 metres without a case
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    ​Voice operation
Back of Hero5 session cycling camera
gopro cycling camera hero5 session, side view
gopro hero5 session packaging


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    ​Can’t remove the battery, but full charge only takes around an hour so you could use a battery pack for charging on the go
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    ​Stills don’t look great (too underexposed) and there’s no RAW export option
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    ​No GPS
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    ​Battery life may be poor in low or high temperature conditions

What do you think of gopro cycling camera, the hero session 5?

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