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Travel neCK/headrest pillows: MLVOC U-shaped neck pillow

​A good headrest pillow can be the difference between arriving at your destination ready to ride or ready to just collapse in a heap.  And there’s nothing more disappointing than buying what you think is going to be your ultimate neck pillow, only to discover it’s rubbish.

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I’ve tried many travel pillows over the years, from the very expensive to the very cheap, and until I found the ​MLVOC headrest pillow, none had truly hit the mark. What I like about it is that it has two bumps either side of your neck that hold your head upright. I find they actually work and mean you can get to sleep without your head lolling around.

Travel neck/headrest pillow in blue with soft cover


  • ​Easy to inflate and deflate. You can deflate with one press.
  • ​Covered in a soft velvet material that feels nice against your skin.
  • ​The cover is removable and washable.
  • ​Includes a drawstring bag to keep the pillow in.
  • ​Comes with an eye mask and ear plugs, but don’t buy it for those.
Headrest pillow with valve you can blow through to inflate it
Soft headrest pillow that's inflatable and has neck supports on either side
Headrest pillow folded down into a small square


  • It only takes a few puffs to blow it up but it often creates a slight whistle.

What do you think of ​mvloc blow up headrest pillow?

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