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​Best sports drink powder? High5 energy source, 4:1, sports drink powder review

​The traditional philosophy for fuelling was that carbohydrate/electrolyte drink was for during exercise and protein was for recovery. In recent years, evolving science has supported using different sources of carbohydrate and adding a little protein to sports drinks used during exercise, particularly over longer periods. High5 follows this formula, using maltodextrin, sucrose and fructose, while mixing 4 parts carbohydrate with one part whey protein. It is recommended for use during and after exercise.

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I have used High5 Energy Source 4:1 sports drink powder with great success, fuelling long hard training rides and British championship medal winning performances in long distance time trials.

It’s available in Summer Fruits and Citrus flavours. The flavour and consistency are great, with less of the sickly sweetness you get with some sports drinks. It certainly feels kinder on the stomach and beneficial to easier to absorb than other sports drinks.

The mixture even throws in some electrolytes to fight off cramp on long, hot rides.

We think High5 energy source is one of the best sports drink powders


  • ​The carb/protein mix is supported by credible science and works!
  • ​Great taste and not too sweet
  • ​Electrolytes to fight cramp
  • ​Easily measured out with scoop supplied
Back of High5 energy source tub
Back of High5 energy source
Side of High5 energy source tub


  • Some may not like the slightly thicker texture from adding protein

What do you think of ​high5 energy source 4:1 sports drink powder?

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