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Lezyne lights review: Lezyne Femto Drive LED Light Set

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Sometimes you need a light set just to be legal and seen on the road. This is where Lezyne's Femto Drive LED light set come in; they're a compact, good value and attractive anodised LED light set. 

You won’t get any beam from the light, but at 31g each that’s not really the point. These are for being safe, especially if you’re going through Alpine tunnels or caught in the dark after a long day on the road.

Each one uses two CR2032 watch batteries and promises 30 hours life in continuous use, 60 hours in flashing mode.

Switching on and off is by a short press to the lens and they are available in silver, black or black/red. They offer both a clip and rubber strap for mounting on your handlebar and seatpost.

Lezyne lights, red and white, side by side


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Reliable and long battery life
  • Attractive design


  • Not that bright, but that’s not the point of these lights
lezyne lights for review, rear and front lights
Lezyne lights for review, black and red, front and rear
Back of lezyne lights, rear and front

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