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​Men’s cycling sunglasses: Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm review

​Oakley sunglasses have been synonymous with cycling since Greg Lemond wore them in the Tour de France in 1985. After a lifetime of stubbornly resisting them, I’ve finally succumbed to a pair of Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road sunglasses and boy, are they good.

Oakley are know for the quality of their lenses and the clarity is superb, with optics optimized for road cycling.

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Oakley have worked with Mark Cavendish to increase the upward vision of the glasses when sprinting, but I find the logo on the side obstructs your sideways peripheral vision. It’s not a big deal, but very noticeable if you’re used to men’s cycling sunglasses without frames or better sideways peripheral vision.

The fit is secure and comfortable. Lenses are easily changed and a wide range is available, including polarized and photochromatic versions.

Compared to other glasses I have used, the ventilation on the Oakley Jawbreakers is excellent and the lenses don’t steam up on the inside.

Oakley jawbreaker prizm sunglasses


  • ​Lenses are second to none
  • Comfortable
  • Don’t fog significantly
  • ​Lots of colours to choose from


  • Peripheral vision is sacrificed in favour of style
Oakley jawbreaker prizm sunglasses box
Oakley jawbreaker prizm sunglasses with cloth bag
Oakley jawbreaker prizm sunglasses box, zip open

What do you think of ​oakley jawbreaker prizm road sunglasses?

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