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Neoprene cycling gloves: Gul 5mm dura-flex power neoprene gloves

If you suffer from cold hands, these neoprene cycling gloves for you.

I have poor circulation in my hands, and so for years, I put up with numb, frozen fingers.  I have at least ten pairs of winter cycling gloves, but none of them ever solved the problem. This year I bought Gul’s neoprene winter riding gloves; they’re a game-changer for me!

Wearing a pair of Gul’s gloves is a bit like having a wetsuit over your fingers.

The fabric traps thousands of warm air bubbles generated by your hand and keeps your fingers super snug. I think Gul neoprene gloves are one of the best cold weather cycling gloves out there - and they come into their own if it’s wet.

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  • Excellent in wet conditions. These are not waterproof cycling gloves - instead they work with the water. Back to the wetsuit concept mentioned above: the glove traps a tiny thin layer of water against the skin and warms it up. So even if the gloves get soaked, as long as your hand was warm when it went into the glove, it will remain warm.
  • When wet the neoprene stays tight over your fingers and doesn’t go baggy and loose.
  • Surprising amount of dexterity and movement: changing gears is fine and the grips on the palms of the gloves are excellent.
  • Long cuff provides an excellent seal and keeps your hand and wrist warm.
  • Comfortable, even on long rides.


  • The big downside of neoprene is that it’s not breathable, meaning your hands can get clammy. I would much rather this than frozen fingers - but most people would probably want an alternative for when the temperature is above 10℃.
  • They can be difficult to dry out. I would recommend turning them inside out and putting them near a radiator/in an airing cupboard for a decent length of time.
  • Your hands need to be warm going into the gloves as they rely on your body’s heat generation to work well.

What do you think of gul neoprene gloves?

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