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​The best cycling sunglasses: Oakley Evzero Path Sunglasses review 

​I bought my Oakley Evzero Path sunglasses in the summer of 2017 and have been wearing them ever since.

Their one drawback is not having interchangeable lenses, but this means they are super light and the rimless design gives a wide field of vision.

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Oakley evzero path sunglasses


  • Very light: it’s almost like they’re not there at all. At 22g they are over 30% lighter than Oakley's Jawbreaker sunglasses (which are one of their other big cycling sunglasses). They’re also 8g lighter than long-established roadie favourite, Oakley Radars.
  • ​Lens fogging is not an issue. Due to the rimless design, sweat can evaporate.
  • They look great. Unlike some other cycling glasses, Oakley Evzero Path sunglasses are not big and clunky. You get good coverage of your eyes without them dominating your entire face.
  • ​The lens is excellent, and I find it reduces glare from the sun and also boosts road texture. I’ve heard some people say they are too dark for winter but I have found them fine on bright winter’s days when the pinkish tinge makes the world feel warm and sunny. On a dark day, they may be less good, however.
  • ​Having no frame helps with vision and is particularly noticeable when you’re on the drops.
  • ​The fit is excellent. The glasses stay in place and feel secure and snug, even when you’ve got your head down.
    Sturdy Oakley box with a strong zip, gives you confidence that if your glasses are in the box, they’ll be safe.
Oakley evzero path sunglasses
Oakley evzero path sunglasses box
Oakley evzero path sunglasses close up


  • ​The lens is fixed to the arms, so it’s not interchangeable. But we think the advantages that the rimless design brings (weight, field of vision, no lens fogging) are worth it.

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