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​PowerBar PowerGel shots review

​PowerBar PowerGel Shots are a great alternative to gels for topping up carbs and electrolytes during exercise. In each pack you get 9 bite-size chews, with a blend of glucose, fructose and electrolytes. PowerBar say five shots provide the same amount of carbohydrates as one of their normal powergels.

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You can get them in orange flavour or cola, the latter having 75mg of caffeine per pack. Frankly, this isn't a lot of caffeine so I would rather stick with the orange flavour get mine in a good espresso or a more concentrated form (e.g. a 200mg tablet) if you're looking for performance benefits.

They are basically indistinguishable from sweets - which is a good thing. The consistency is soft and chewy. Needless to say, whether you go for this or a gel is a question of preference and when you're using them. For racing I prefer a gel for maximum efficiency, but in training my preference is these chewy shots.

The eco warrior in me is a little indignant at the amount of packaging used. Surely there's a way of wrapping 9 sweets with less plastic, PowerBar?

powerbar power gel shots


  • ​Excellent bite-size blend of carbs and electrolytes
  • ​Taste great - just like sweets
  • ​Small size makes them easy to eat intermittently on a longer ride
bag of powerbar power gel shots  from the front
Open bag of powerbar power gel shots
Back of bag of powerbar power gel shots


  • ​A lot of plastic packaging for the size of the contents
  • ​Contain gelatine, so no good for vegetarians

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