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​PowerBar Ride energy bars review

​The PowerBar Ride energy bar is a delicious bar with carbs, protein and magnesium designed for before, during and after exercise.

At 55g it's a decent size and the bar comes in chocolate caramel and peanut caramel. I prefer peanut caramel - it's as close as you'll get to a Snickers from an energy bar! There is only a very minor aftertaste to remind you that this is a sports bar rather than a chocolate bar.

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The consistency is good - not hard but a little chewing is required!

There is one issue with these bars: the delicious chocolatey outside of the bar is prone to melting when kept in a jersey pocket on a hot day or when you're working hard. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to suck melted chocolate out of the packet when you're hungry! This is a fairly big limitation for an energy bar, but as a pre/post ride snack or if it's not going to get too hot, this bar is hard to beat.

powerbar ride energy bars front view


  • ​Great flavour
  • ​Big enough to keep you satisfied
  • ​Great blend of protein, carbs and minerals
Unwrapped powerbar ride energy bar
unwrapped powerbar ride energy bar from on top
Bite taken out of power ride energy bar


  • ​Chocolate outer melts in a hot jersey pocket!

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