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​Samsonite Cosmolite review: the best spinner luggage set?

​I’ve written this Samsonite Cosmolite review because I have owned two 75cm cases since 2009, so I feel I’ve given them a good road test. They have accompanied my husband and I on almost every trip we’ve taken in that time - and there have been a lot. I estimate at least 30 trips and 60 flights.

Other than for a few scratches, the suitcases are still in excellent condition. I’ve had no problems with zips, wheels, dents, locks, handles or any of the other things that normally go wrong with a suitcase that’s been at the mercy of baggage handlers for an extended period.

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I’d have no hesitation in recommending a Samsonite Cosmolite spinner to a friend. The initial price tag is painful, but you get a lot of suitcase for your money.

Samsonite cosmolite with extendable arm and four pivoting wheels


  • ​My absolute favourite thing about these cases is the peace of mind I get from using them. Just take a look at the video below, and you’ll understand. The cases are made using Curv technology which is apparently also used for bulletproof vests. A bit like with a ​Bike Box Alan​, you know whatever is in the case is going to be okay.
  • ​The case is light. The current equivalent of our cases are the 75cm cases, which weigh in at just 2.6kg; not bad for a hard case.
  • ​Four excellent wheels. They glide along smoothly and allow you to either pull the case behind you or spin it along vertically.
  • ​Smart exterior: even with years of baggage handling, they still look good. A touch less sleek and shiny than they once were, but still attractive. There are some scuffs and scratches, but they aren’t overly noticeable.
  • ​Single pull up handle looks really stylish and is easy to pull up and down. There are also two other robust handles on the long and short side of the case.
  • ​Combi lock with TSA to allow safe travel to the US.
  • The top compartment is fully zipped which helps keep things in place. The bottom compartment has stretchy cross-ribbons. There's also a narrow, but long, zipped pocked for toiletries etc.
  • ​Comes with a limited 10-year global warranty.
Tough shell exterior is one of the favourite things in our Samsonite Cosmolite review
Sturdy yet stylish silver pull up handle
Inside of a samsonite cosmolite case


  • ​I’ve read reviews of people having trouble with the zip breaking. I’ve never experienced this, even when it’s been necessary to sit on the case to shut it (and yes, that happened a few times before we got packing cubes!).  I guess broken zips are more likely to arise where you have over-packed - all I would say is get those ​packing cubes!
  • ​The price: there’s no way around it, a Samsonite Cosmolite is an expensive investment. The question is, would you prefer to buy once and have something durable and sturdy or buy something cheaper and buy more frequently?

What do you think of ​Samsonite cosmolite luggage?

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