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10 handy tips for Girona (Spain) cycling

It’s difficult not to love cycling in Girona, Spain. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and have a fantastic time.

For route suggestions, GPX downloads, bike hire suggestions and everything else you might want to know about cycling Girona, make sure you read our comprehensive ultimate guide to cycling Girona and tips on where to stay in Girona!

Preparation for Girona, Spain cycling

  1. Gearing and training. 
      • - If you’re a strong climber, you should be fine on a semi-compact 52-36. Otherwise, you’ll prefer a compact 50-34 chainset on an 11-28 cassette.
      • - Do some training before your trip. Hills like Rocacorba and Mare de Déu del Mont include steep 10+% sections. They won’t be fun if you’re unfit.
  2. Bring spares: our packing list should help. There are plenty of good bike shops in Girona, but you don’t want to be caught short when you’re out on the road. Make sure you know how to fit the spares too (at least the basics, like changing a flat tire)!
  3. Check/service your bike before your trip.  The last thing you want is a mechanical in the middle of nowhere!
Cyclist in Girona - it's not flat!

Remember the coastline is pretty rollercoaster-esque

Cyclist in Girona Cost brava region

Garroxta region of Girona Costa Brava


  1. Plan your routes before you visit. Our ultimate guide to cycling Girona contains loads of information on routes we’ve tried and tested. We give you route profiles, descriptions, photos and videos, so you have a good idea of what to expect. You can even use our free GPX downloads.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the route before you ride it. Take a look at the maps and route profiles, think about how long each climb should take, where you plan to refuel and any shortcuts.
  3. Refuelling. Don’t assume you’ll be able to find food and drink en route. Some of the routes out of Girona are through remote countryside. Even if you do find a shop or restaurant, it may not be open (particularly on a Sunday, during holidays/festivals or during afternoon siesta, which is typically 2 hours anytime between 1 and 4 pm). Pack accordingly.


  1. Rain. Girona isn’t immune from rain, and it can arrive out of nowhere. Always take a waterproof in your back pocket.
  2. Sun. Respect the sun! It can get seriously hot, and you should plan for it. For example, ensure your route passes places you can refill drinks bottles and refuel, stop and refuel when you get the opportunity and avoid cycling at the hottest part of the day. We always use electrolyte tablets to help fend off cramp.
Bike by the waters of the Susqueda dam

Even Girona isn't immune from rain!

Cyclist in sun on Girona Costa Brava cycling holiday

But when it's hot it can be really hot!

Other Stuff

  1. Ride with a friend. If you’ve got the opportunity to ride with a friend or group, it can be a good idea. That way if something goes wrong, there’s someone there to help you out.
  2. Remember the essentials. We keep a small rear light fitted to our bike in cause we come across an unexpected tunnel or get caught in bad weather. Money, ID and your phone are also crucial.

Your thoughts

Been cycling around Girona and got some additional tips? Please comment below!

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