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30 best Christmas gifts for cyclists who have everything

Has this ever happened to you?

A well-meaning relation wants to buy you a present. They know you love cycling so they head to the “Christmas gifts for cyclists” section. In their heart they know that this year’s novelty cycling gift is not quite right, but they have no clue what you would like, so buy it anyway!

Let’s make 2018 different. 

2018: the year of amazing Christmas gifts for cyclists! 

Here are our top ideas for Christmas presents for cyclists: from cheap cycling stocking fillers to gorgeous, drool-worthy kit that's perfect even for cyclists who have everything.

Share this list with your friends and family to make this the year you get something you love!

Note: Where we talk about our experience of products, it may be helpful to know that we've bought them with our own money except where we say otherwise. Also, the page contains affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Our disclosure policy has more info. Rest assured, all the items in this guide are only here because we love them. 

10 big-ticket Christmas presents for cyclists: £75+

Here are ten great Christmas gift ideas for cyclists; buy these and you'll be an extremely popular gift-giver!

1. Power meter

Estimated price: £200 - £1,500

Quark power meter - a perfect christmas gift for cyclist

Quarq power meter

Powertap P2 power pedals

Powertap P2Power Pedals

As a cyclist, knowing your power stats is important if you want to train as effectively as possible and know whether the training is working. Heart rate can give you some information but it’s pretty rudimentary.

A power meter would be at the extremely generous end of the present spectrum and, given the price tag, it’s something you’d probably want to get your cyclist involved with choosing.

We bought our brilliant Quarq DZero power meter from  Cycle Power Meters and have used them for years. We suggest buying from them because they offer fantastic service (and no, we don't have a business relationship and this is not an affiliate link!).

We’ve found them competitive on price and their expert customer service means they'll be able to help with any questions about which power meter to choose, whether it’s compatible with your bike, how to install it and what to do if it breaks.  

There's tons more information on power meters at www.cyclepowermeters.com.

2. Coaching

Estimated price: £200 for a bike fit or £145/month for bespoke coaching

Matt Bottrill of Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching in time trial suit

Matt Bottrill, expert coach

Coaching is a perfect gift idea for cyclists - cyclist coached by matt bottrill

We've got firsthand experience of the gains that can be made if you invest in coaching from Matt and team

Serious cyclists will know the enormous value of getting a coach who can help them achieve their goals.

We were trained by Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching for several years, and would totally recommend them. Matt is a world class time trialist and works with many of the world’s top pro triathletes: Tim Don, Lucy Charles and Rachel Joyce to name a few. He has a team of coaches that he’s personally trained and who create bespoke training programmes for time trialists, triathletes, duathletes and sportive riders. They help their athletes identify their goals and prepare a tailored plan that takes into consideration the amount of time you have and what you want to achieve.

We’ve heard of coaches that just churn out the same old training programmes with tiny tweaks around the edges. Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching is all about the individual and working with you to create a bespoke program that gets the results you're looking for. They also have a very active community on social media so if you're keen to get to know like-minded athletes, the opportunity is there.

Prices start at £145/month for a performance coaching package. Or you could start with a “no stone left unturned” bike fit that promises to get cyclists set up in the best possible way: £200.

You can check out the various options on the Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching website (this is not an affiliate link and we don't have a commercial relationship with MBPC).

3. Garmin Edge 520

Estimated price: £150

Garmin Edge 520 packaging: a generous christmas present for bicycle enthusiasts
Garmin Edge520 on a bike in countryside

We’ve used a Garmin Edge 520 for at least three years and wouldn’t be without it. If you’re someone that loves to ride in new places, the mapping function is a game-changer. It means you can confidently head off into the great unknown and get to your destination without having to haul your phone out of your pocket every five minutes or spend half your ride getting lost.

We also love the range of metrics the Garmin displays and the fact you can choose what you want to see. We find it reliably finds a GPS and/or GLONASS signal, pairs with heart rate monitors, power meters and smartphones. It also uploads rides automatically when paired to a phone.

Check prices on Wiggle or read our full Garmin Edge 520 review here.

4. Oakley sunglasses

Estimated price: £85 - £105

Oakley evzero path sunglasses

Oakley EvZero Path Sunglasses

Oakley jawbreaker prizm sunglasses

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm glasses

We are massive fans of Oakley sunglasses and their excellent lenses.

Cycling gift for her: we’ve been wearing Oakley EvZero Path Sunglasses for some years now: our in-depth review gives all the details. Or you can head over and check prices on Wiggle.

Cycling gift for him: we love our Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm glasses.  The Prizm lens makes everything super sharp, the anti-fog capabilities are great and we’ve found the big frame means even if you drop the glasses on the road they’re unlikely to scratch. Check out prices on Wiggle or read our full review, here.

5. Cycling camera

Estimated price: varies depending on make

Garmin bike camera shown with waterproof case

Garmin VIRB Ultra30

gopro cycling camera

Go Pro Hero5 Session

cycliq fly6 rear light camera shown face on

Cycliq Fly6 rear light

Cyclist with christmas cycling camera gift on bike

With Garmin VIRB mounted on handlebars

As you can imagine, we’ve used our fair share of action cameras. You can check out our reviews of these cameras:

Cycliq Fly6 rear light and camera

Go Pro Hero5 Session and

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

The Cycliq would make a great gift for bike commuters (rather than those trying to capture top quality footage).

The Hero5 is a handy small camera for those times when only a tiny camera will do (e.g. on top of your helmet).

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is excellent for anyone wanting to overlay detailed data information of their video footage.

However, our new favourite camera is the one we’ve just bought and haven’t yet had time to write a full review about: the Go Pro Hero7 Black. We’ve found the image stabilisation unbelievably good, even when chest mounted on rough tarmac. We also love the fact it does a great job even in low light conditions, where some of our other cameras have struggled in the past.  You can also operate the GoPro from your phone via bluetooth, which we’ve found super useful. If you’ve got the budget and are looking for a gift for a cyclist embarking on a cycling adventure, this would be our choice.

Check prices on Wiggle: Cycliq Fly6 Check prices on Amazon: Go Pro Hero5 SessionGarmin Virb Ultra 30 and Go Pro Hero7 Black.

6. Cycling art

Estimated price: £95-175 (depending whether framed or not)

Hommage au Velo cycling art, the perfect christmas present for a cyclist

We’ve all seen the normal cycling prints of iconic climbs in graphic design colours with block text. If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out these beautiful prints of cycling paintings.

We saw one of the first prints off the production line at Hommage au Vélo’s offices back in October (they’re also on display at Musette café in Aldbury, Hertfordshire). We loved the bright bold colours and the fact that these feel like proper art as opposed to graphic design. Yes, they’re still prints but they’re prints of an oil on canvas painting; they're something you’d put on the living room wall, not in the downstairs toilet.

Of all the prints available, we love this one best. It’s of Marco Pantani’s Bianchi - the one he used to win the 1998 Tour de France and which combined Bianchi's famous "celeste" colour with the yellow of the Tour winner.

It’s printed on very high quality German Hahnemuhle textured etching paper and is supplied in acid-free paper within a crush-proof circular art mailing tube.

The unframed print is 62cm width x 42cm height. Alternatively buy a framed print that’s ready to hang straight from the box.

Looking for a personalised cycling gift and got a specific size you need? Hommage au Velo can organise custom size prints and whatever framing you fancy.

Check their website for more information.

Hommage au Velo have kindly given us a 15% discount code off their artwork if you enter the code "epicroadrides" when you checkout.

7. Buffalo Bike charity donation

Estimated price: £15 for a wheelset to £95 for a bike or £475 for five bikes.

Buffalo bikes ridden by children in Africa

If you’re after a unique gift for a cyclist that has everything, perhaps they’d appreciate a Buffalo Bike?

World Bicycle Relief builds and distributes locally assembled, super strong steel Buffalo Bikes designed to bear loads of up to 100kg on the rear carrier. In the last 10 years they’ve delivered over 400,000 bikes to people in rural areas of developing countries. They need our help to continue the good work.

Is it time to make a difference this Christmas?

Find out more at World Bicycle Relief.

8. Long sleeve jersey

Estimated price: £85

Cyclist wearing green and black Stolen Goat long sleeve cycling jersey

stolen goat's long sleeve Orkaan was perfect on a cold day on Sa Calobra

Orkaan long sleeve jersey in green by stolen goat is a great gift for a cycling enthusiast

Spacious back pockets, perfect for a long ride

Something that makes a really great Christmas present to a cyclist is a quality Autumn/Winter jersey.

An item like this can be the key to cycling through the colder weather.

When it’s rainy, grey and cold it’s really difficult to summon up the motivation to get out and ride; if you know you’re going to be cozied up in a jersey like this, it can make all the difference.

We recently tested stolen goat's long sleeve Orkaan cycling jerseys during a rainy week in Mallorca. We rode through torrential rainstorms and gusty winds in them and were super impressed with how warm they kept us, even when the jerseys themselves were wet: pure magic!

As ever with stolen goat, the designs are distinctive and something a bit different from the norm.

We love these jerseys and, while we were given these to try, they’re something we would definitely spend our hard-earned cash on and would wholeheartedly recommend to friends.

Check out stolen goat’s website for both male and female versions of the jersey.

Before you buy make sure you’re using our 20% discount code: we’re only allowed to publish it on Instagram and our email list, so you’ll need to be following us there (check the stolen goat photos in our Insta gallery or the stolen goat details at the bottom of our emails).  

9. Event entry

Estimated price: £50-100

Sportive riders. Entry into an event makes a great cycling gift for a cycling enthusiast

What to buy a cyclist that already has loads of stuff?

How about an experience, something to help motivate them for next year. How about entry to a cycling event?!

There are loads of UK based events to pick from, or read through our destination guides for cycling events they could do as part of your annual holiday!

10. Silver cufflinks

Estimated price: £95

Silver cufflinks with cyclist and bicycle

We love our cyclist cufflinks from Not on the High Street

Back sdie of one of the silver cycling cuffflinks

Reverse side of the cufflinks

If you’re looking for a cycling related gift for someone that also wears smart shirts, how about some cufflinks?

You could go for some chainlink ones like this or, cyclist cufflinks like these. We bought the latter a few years ago from Not on the High Street, and have really enjoyed wearing them. 

You can check prices on Not on the High Street or read our full cufflink review, here.

10 medium-ticket Christmas presents for cyclists: £20 - £75

Are you looking for gift ideas for cyclists that are a bit less pricey?

Here are ten more ideas that we think cyclists will love!

11. Work stand

Estimated price: £75

Bike stand or work stand for cyclist as a gift

When researching this post, we asked around for the best Christmas gifts cyclists had given/received. One person mentioned their bike stand, given to them 25 years ago and still in frequent use.

A work stand isn’t the most obvious gift, but it’s one that would undoubtedly be hugely appreciated by any cyclist that ever does any tinkering with their bike. A work stand makes it sooo much easier to do anything at all to your bike, from cleaning it to changing the brake blocks.

ParkTools is probably the biggest name there is in the world of cycling tools - certainly we’ve owned a ParkTools bike stand for around five years and wouldn’t be without one.

Check work stand prices on Wiggle

12. Padded pants

Estimated price: £39

Velovixen padded pants make an excellent bicycle gift for her
Padded cycling pants make an unusual cycling gift for woemn

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a woman that likes to cycle her bike but doesn't always want to wear full lycra, these padded knickers are worth serious consideration.

We’ve found them great for short rides - you can slip them on under normal clothes and get the benefits of comfortable nether regions while not wearing full-on cycling kit. Velovixen only gave them to us to try a short time ago, but we like soft and silky material and the seams look well put together.

They come in a variety of styles and we think they’re perfect for someone that cycles a few miles to work, the pub or around town. They'd also be a good option for a gym goer looking for a more comfortable time at spin class.

Check Velovixen’s website for full details.

13. Cycling wallet

Estimated price: £32

Cycling wallet present for cycling fanatics
A stolen goat cyclepac is a perfect gift idea for cyclists from the UK

If we had to pick one cycling accessory that's revolutionised our cycling life, it's the humble ridepac. Why's that? (and what is a ridepac?!) you may ask! 

A ridepac is a 11mmx185mm (outer dimensions) wallet/case/pouch that you use to store your valuables. It's designed to be kept in your jersey pocket while cycling.

So, why do we love it? Well it represents a massive upgrade in both form and function. Before this we (as with many cyclists) kept our money, phone and keys in a plastic bag while cycling. As you can imagine, a plastic bag has a number of drawbacks: when you get warm, it collects droplets of water so your stuff gets damp, it's slippy so has a tendency to slip out of your jersey pocket - and (important for a cyclist), it looks rubbish.

stolen goat's beautifully designed case stores everything safely and securely while looking gorgeous. Their designs are bright and bold (hypervelocity is pictured here), the case is waterproof and wipe clean. It's covered in an extra grippy material that means it stays put in your pocket. The zipper is water resistant and feels reliably tough.

Inside, there's a full-length zipped pocket on one side and an elasticated pocket on the other. We find it easily fits our keys, credit cards and iphone 7s (i.e. a plus size phone handset). stolen goat gave us the pac to try but, hand on heart, we love it.

Check out their website for more details.

Remember to use our 20% discount code (check our Instagram gallery or if you've signed up to our email list, you'll find it on one of the emails we've sent you).

14. Cycling poster

Estimated price: £30 per poster

Cycling poster showing Arc d'Triomphe in Tour de France, a superb gift for a road cyclist

Poster depicting Kristoff's win on the final sprint on the Champs-Elysées, from the 2018 Tour

Christmas card showing cyclists and team car

Alternatively, how about some cycling-themed Christmas cards?!

Did your lucky cyclist watch the Tour this year and have a favourite stage? Perhaps they were in France and saw a stage in person?

If that’s the case, here’s a great gift idea: a high quality print of that stage. For the last eight years, Bruce Doscher has created a poster a day for the 21 days of the Tour de France. Each poster depicts the stage.

We love the look of these! 

You can check out Bruce’s posters on his website.

15. Gloves

Estimated price: varies so check Amazon

Two black Gul neoprene gloves
Grippers on underside of cycling gloves for cycling christmas present

We really suffer with bad circulation and cold hands but find these super warm Gul neoprene gloves are brilliant. They’re not cycling specific (in fact, Gul is primarily a watersports brand) and they’re not very expensive, but don’t let that put you off.

Over the years we’ve tried all sorts - from claw gloves to down mitts and ski gloves. But we’ve found that in cold and/or wet weather, these are the ones we turn to time and again.

If you’re struggling with a Christmas cycling related gift, give these a go!

You can check prices on Amazon or read our full review of the gloves, here.

16. Box of energy bars

Estimated price: £20+

powerbar ride energy bars front view
Bite taken out of power ride energy bar

This is another gift that may seem a bit unusual at first sight. But if you’re focused on what cyclists actually want, you’ll realise it’s a great option.

When you’re out riding, you use a lot of energy. On long rides you need to keep eating in order to ensure you don’t run out of energy, collapse by the road side and have to call your partner/friend/family/neighbour for an emergency pick up!

It’s annoying to have to spend your hard-earned cash on energy bars so someone that presents you with the unusual Christmas gift of a mega 18 bar box is going to be someone you love and cherish forever.

Wiggle have lots of options, but these Power Bar Ride energy bars are some of our favourites. You can read our full review here.

17. Electrolyte drink mix

Estimated price: varies so check Amazon

Silver SOS hydration sachet, a quirky gift for a cyclist who wants to stay hydrated!
Box of hydration sachets

We often suffer from cramp when riding in hot climates (and since we do this pretty often, we’re intimately acquainted with the acute suffering cramp brings on).

We were chatting with a friend that does a lot of ultra marathons and she suggested we try SOS Hydration.

Their unique selling point is that their formula was created by a leading doctor, two former elite athletes and a retired military medical officer. It equals the global standard set by the World Health Organisation for Oral Rehydration Therapy while tasting good and being in a solution that means it’ll hydrate you 20% faster than the average hydration drink. This is something no other rehydration drink has managed.

So we nodded sensibly in the face of all this science and gave it a test while cycling in Mallorca. We’re no scientists but we liked the taste of the lemon sachets we tried and, for the first time in some time, didn’t suffer any cramp.

If you know the person you’re buying for likes to ride in hot places, this is a present they’ll appreciate.

You can buy SOS Hydrate from Amazon.


18. New lights

Estimated price: £20 or less

Lezyne lights, red and white, side by side
lezyne lights for review, rear and front lights

You can never have too many bike lights (and that's a fact). Especially if you’re a commuter or subscribe to the N+1 rule (and so can use the new set on your commuter/spare bike).

We’re particular fans of these Lezyne lights, which tick a lot of boxes: good value, small and look good. Plus they are also really easy to attach to a variety of objects: handlebars, seat post, rucksack…

Check prices on Wiggle or read our full Lezyne lights review.

19. Mountain High by Daniel Friebe and Pete Goding

Estimated price: varies so check Amazon

Mountain High hardback cycling book by Daniel Friebe and Pete Goding
Second page of Alpe d'Huez entry in Mountain High by Daniel Friebe

If the person you’re buying for loves cycling and loves to ride in the mountains, this is the book for them (and the sequel, Mountain Higher, is also great too!).

Daniel Friebe writes eloquently on his pick of Europe’s greatest cycling climbs. He gets under the skin of what they’re like geographically and from a cycling history perspective.

Pete Goding’s photos are beautiful - but this book is far more than just a glossy coffee table item. We’ve found it has inspired many of our best cycling trips.

You can buy the book on Amazon here or read our full review here.

20. Gift card for local bike shop

Estimated price: whatever you want to spend

Yes there are loads of places you can buy things online, but sometimes what you need is expert in-person advice.

Your cyclist’s local bike shop will probably offer a wealth of services you just can’t buy online: bike servicing and repairs are the obvious ones that spring to mind.

Many shops also offer bike fitting services and can give independent, impartial advice on product choices.

Our local bike shop is Head for the Hills in Dorking, Surrey, UK. We don’t know what we’d do without their mechanic’s expertise and their friendly swift service (and no, we don’t have any business relationship with them, we’re just happy customers!).

Support your local bike shop; your cyclist needs them!

10 cheap gifts for cyclists (perfect Secret Santa gifts)

Last but not least, here are our ten tips for cheap/Secret Santa gifts for cyclists. A present doesn't have to be expensive to be worthwhile!


21. The Cycling Podcast: A journey through the Cycling Year (a book!)

Estimated price: varies so check Amazon

The Cycling Podcast book is a great  gift idea for cyclists
Contents page of the Cycling Podcast book

We’re long time fans of The Cycling Podcast, the popular podcast by journalists Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe. Their weekly analysis delves into the heart of professional cycling and features opinion and debate about the intrigues and stories from the pro peloton. In recent years they have begun branching out into live events and in March 2018 launched their first book.

The book takes the form of 19 chapters, written by Moore, Birnie and Friebe as well as other regular guests and friends of the podcast including journalists, broadcasters and riders. Each chapter gives a personal perspective on different aspects of the previous year in cycling, including highlights such as the three grand Tours, the women’s La Course race and a chapter from voice of the Tour de France, Seb Piquet. While the focus is on events from 2017, the insights and stories are still great to read and give you a real sense of the world of professional cycling.

You can buy it on Amazon.  

22. Porridge

Estimated price: around £14 for six pots (inc delivery) but the price varies on Amazon

Chocolate and ginger porridge from Simplyseedz - a tasty christmas present for a health conscious cyclist

Our favourite flavour of the four we tried

Apple and cinnamon porridge pot from simpyseedz: an unusual christmas gift!

A more mild taste but still good

Yes, you read it correctly: porridge.

But this isn't any old porridge. This is porridge that tastes good while containing no refined sugars.  Perfect for a health-conscious cyclist.

SimplySeedz is a small business run by Cathryn from her kitchen table in the Cotswolds. We bought six pots of the porridge from her at The Cycle Show and have found the robust containers means it transports well in a rucksack. As work we added hot milk or water (milk tastes best) and ate it at our desk; a perfect gift for bike commuters. Cathryn also advises that you can add cold water/milk and eat it as muesli or turn it into bircher muesli by adding water/milk and leaving it to soak overnight.

Of the four available flavours, our favourite is Dark Chocolate and Ginger which contains jumbo oats, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, Belgian dark chocolate buttons and chunks of ginger. You just add hot water or milk.  This is one of their less healthy options (given the chocolate) and it's still less than 11% sugar content!

You can buy SimplySeedz porridge pots at Amazon.

23. Cycling socks

Estimated price: £10

stolen goat cycling socks make a great  gift for cyclists who has everything - you can never have too many pairs of socks!
Stripey black and blue cycling socks

Yes, buying socks at Christmas is a bit of a cliche - but cycling socks? Well, that’s different. We reckon you’ve got a 99% chance of pleasing with these beauties from stolen goat.

One tip with buying socks for road cyclists: the louder the better. And if you can add in stretchy coolmax material and a compressive fit, you’re on to a winner.

Check out our in-depth sock review or, head to stolen goat’s website to pick up a pair.

As stolen goat partners, they gave us these socks to wear. Remember we have a special 20% discount code for you for stolen goat - you can find it on photos in our Instagram gallery or at the bottom of the emails we send to our newsletter subscribers (sign up form at the top or bottom of this page)!).

24. Bike cleaning products

Estimated price: £10+

Cycling bike care cleaning kit in tub on ground
Cyclon bike care cleaning products laid out

Like socks, cleaning products are not an obvious Christmas present… but for a cyclist, a selection of quality bike cleaning products is something they will actually thank you for!

There are lots of bike cleaning products out there, but if you’re looking for quality at a reasonable price, we were impressed by the Cyclon bike care products we were given to try.  You can check out our review, here.

25. Inner tubes

Estimated price: £10+

We’ve had socks and cleaning products so why not make it a slam dunk trio with inner tubes?! Okay, these are probably the most boring of the three gift ideas, but they are exactly the sort of thing that will be appreciated!

They’re surprisingly expensive for what they are and they’re the sort of thing cyclists always need. They’ll always go down well with an avid cyclist since they’ll leave them free to buy the things they actually want! Worried they look a bit boring? Wrap them in a pretty bow!

Not sure which ones to get? We’re a fan of Vittoria latex inner tubes which we find more puncture resistant and roll faster as they have less rolling resistance. You can find them on Wiggle, here.

26. Funky water bottle

Estimated price: £10

Black and white water bottle in use by cyclist
A new water bottle is a good gift for cyclists

Take a look at your cyclist’s water bottles. Are they using weather-beaten, musty old freebie bottles?! If so, it’s time for an upgrade.

There’s not much to pick between bottles in terms of functionality, so why not go for ones with a cool design?

As stolen goat partners, they gave us a few bottles to use on our recent trip to Mallorca. Their designs range from the cool but relatively subdued (Punk it Up in black) to the wacky (X-Ray). They’re really fun and turn what’s essentially a boring, but necessary, piece of plastic into a talking point.

Head to the stolen goat website to check out the range.

Don’t forget to use our 20% discount code - you’ll find it in our Insta gallery or subscribe to our newsletters and check the code at the bottom of the email.


27. Bike pizza cutter

Estimated price: varies so check Amazon

Yellow bike pizza slicer

If you’re after a funny bike gift or something perfect for a bicycle-themed Christmas stocking, a bike pizza cutter is ideal.

While some novelty cycling gifts can end up in the dustbin within days, this is an exception to the rule. The blade is sharp - it actually does a decent job of cutting pizza - and it looks alright on a shelf. What’s more, we were given our pizza cutter by a friend about three years ago now - and it’s still in active use. So this natty little gift is even likely to last. What’s not to like?

You can buy yours here at Amazon - or read our full review.

28. Fresh coffee

Estimated price: varies so check Amazon

Coffee makes an excellent cheap present for a cyclist

(Most) cyclists love coffee. We’ll drink it at home, at work, in cafés and restaurants. If you’re looking for a little stocking filler for a cyclist, how about a bag of fresh coffee?

Our favourite blend is House Blend by Union Coffee. It has an amazing aroma and is also pretty reasonably priced. Most conveniently of all? You can buy it on Amazon.

29. Britain’s Greatest Climbs by Simon Warren 

Estimated price: varies so check Amazon

Front cover of 100 greatest cycling climbs by Simon Warren
Box Hill entry from 100 greatest cycling climbs

Simon Warren is the man behind the greatest cycling climbs books. It all started in 2010 with 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs: A Road Cyclist’s Guide to Britain’s Hills. Now there’s “Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs” as well as eight regional anthologies that cover 545 climbs through England, Scotland and Wales. You can get these in a nice looking presentation box.

Though we haven’t got all the regional anthologies, we love the Greatest Cycling Climbs books we do have and think the statistics and information they offer provide a good starting point for anyone looking to seek out some of the best – and toughest – ascents in Britain. You can check out our reviews of the Greatest Cycling Climbs books here (vol 1) and here (vol 2).

If you’re buying for someone into cycling adventures, this could be the gift you’ve been looking for.

Click here to check prices on Amazon.

30. GT85

Estimated price: £3

GT85 wet chain lube: an unusual cycling present!

Of all the unusual cycling gifts on this list, none is perhaps more unusual than a can of GT85!

It does sound weird to give a can of bike lube as a Christmas present, but really, this is a must for any cyclist and they will thank you! 

Get your quirky cycling present here at Wiggle.

And a bonus one for luck: beer!

Great gift for cyclist: pack of beer with christmas tree behind

Christmas pack

Explorer pack from Beerwfulf makes a great present for cyclists

Explorer pack

A few weeks ago, we were scratching our heads trying to come up with a gift for a hard-to-buy-for cyclist, the sort of cyclist that has everything... Suddenly a lightbulb went off - what about a nice box of craft beer?

When it comes to cyclists, beer is a bit like coffee. It's hard to go wrong.

A quick google and we came across Beerwulf, a start-up in Amsterdam that delivers craft beers across the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. You can buy single bottles or themed packs (which are around the £20-40 mark for 12-16 bottles) and can include a gift message. We opted for the 16 bottle Explorer pack and were impressed with the beers and the service, which includes free postage if you're ordering a full box.

Check out Beerwulf's website for more information and to buy. 

Beerwulf have kindly given us a special discount code "XMAS5". This gives £5 off a £25 minimum spend until 31 December 2018. Just enter it where it says "apply discount code" when you checkout.


So, over to you: what's the best cycling-related christmas present you've ever received?!

Tell us in the comments below, we'd love to know!

And finally - if you're still in need of inspiration (surely not?!), take a look at our cycling gear page. You'll find more of our favourite cycling kit, much of which has travelled the world with us!

  • Pat says:

    Hi there, I’m thinking of this beer pack for my father in law. What’s your feedback on the pack you bought, would you do it again and thinking of my father in law, do you think he’d like it?

    • thrivead says:

      We were really impressed by the pack we bought – nice selection of beers we wouldn’t otherwise buy but which we enjoyed. Packaging was sturdy and delivery worked well. So all in all, an experience we’d repeat and recommend!

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