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The best St Lawrence Gap restaurants, Barbados

The best St Lawrence Gap restaurants, Barbados

Walk through St Lawrence Gap and you’ll come across loads of restaurants, bars and cafés. So many in fact that it can be difficult to know which to go to and which to avoid. With the help of an in-the-know local, we visited some of best during our two week stay.

Here we share our thoughts on the best St Lawrence Gap restaurants, bars and cafés. Hopefully our scores will also give you an idea of the ones we would avoid next time!

To help you locate the restaurants, you’ll find a map of St Lawrence Gap here.

Restaurants in St Lawrence Gap

Primo restaurant, Barbados

Get a waterfront table at this smart, modern restaurant overlooking the picture perfect St Lawrence Bay. Their cocktails are great, the food was creative, well presented and delicious. The service was top notch. This was the best restaurant we ate at during our stay. It’s not somewhere to bring the kids. And be warned: such an experience comes with a hefty price tag.

Overall score: 9 out of 10


Just the other side of the small but perfectly formed St Lawrence bay, Castaways serves delicious but casual food (think pizza, pumpkin fritters, fish cakes) in a more relaxed setting than Primo.

We ate delicious, takeaway “pudding and souse” from Castaways and later returned for a restaurant meal. Pudding and souse is a Bajan speciality. Traditionally it is made from all sorts of parts of a pig, but we opted for the less gruesome version served with regular chunks of lean pork. Highly recommended.

It was so good we headed back for a meal in the restaurant with the children. We arrived at 5:30pm and watched a spectacular sunset over the pretty bay, while watching fishermen sort their nets. The view is particularly good from the top floor. The food was excellent. Service was a bit slow, though they didn’t seem to bat an eyelid when our three year old knocked over a whole glass of orange juice and the table had to be relaid!

Overall score: 9 out of 10.


This is one of St Lawrence Bay’s long-standing restaurants. It has a pleasant outside terrace and a traditional atmosphere. The menu is wide ranging and caters well for vegetarians. The restaurant has a deserved reputation for good food, good portions and great service. The staff went out of their way for our children and remained relaxed even when our one year old spread spaghetti everywhere...

Overall score: 7.5 out of 10.


A bright, colourful place where the furniture is painted different colours. They’re a good choice if you’re looking for brunch while the main menu includes things like steak, burgers, prawns and linguine. They also serve great crushed ice drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. We found both food and service good, if nothing to get overly excited about.

Overall score: 7 out of 10.

Restaurants near St Lawrence Gap


One of the grand dames of the Barbados restaurant scene. It’s the sort of place you visit for a one-off celebration, with a beautiful beach/sea front location overlooking Rockley beach. Food and service was good, but overall we found it less slick than Primo.

Overall score: 8 out of 10.

Oistins (pronounced Oy-stins)

This fishing town, just down the road from the Gap, is a must-do experience. Any night of the week, you can get fresh fish grilled or fried right in front of you, and served with delicious sides. It’s all very casual and we particularly enjoyed a Thursday early evening visit with the kids to Chillin and Grillin (which is on the little square with the street tennis).

Friday night is what Oistins is known for: there’s lots of music, dancing and expect long queues at the most popular and recommended food shacks: George’s and Pat’s Plaice. We tried George’s on the Friday night and can’t honestly say we thought it was any better than Chillin and Grillin… Still a fun experience though!

Overall score: 9 out of 10.

Bars and cafés

Bars and cafés in St Lawrence Gap

Cafe Sol

We didn’t eat here (though the food smelled great!) but the cocktails we had at the bar were excellent and there was a relaxed, vibrant atmosphere when we visited on a Saturday night.

Overall score: 9 out of 10.


The best cocktails we had during our stay, served in swanky surroundings and overlooking St Lawrence Bay.

Overall score: 9 out of 10.

Cocktail Kitchen

The wrong side of the road for St Lawrence Bay. Food and cocktails were nice, but not out of this world.

Overall score: 7 out of 10.

The Cove

A tempting happy hour and they’re certainly keen to get us in the door. It’s more about quantity than quality. We weren’t impressed.

Overall score: 5 out of 10.

Graeme Hall Nature Reserve

We loved this hidden gem of a place. You can find delicious frappuccinos, milkshakes and coolers. Plus good cakes. What sets it apart is the serene location, away from the hustle and bustle of the beach, overlooking a fabulous lake and with an amazingly green and well-kept lawn. It was also very quiet each time visited. Our children loved rolling down the slopes, running around, feeding the fish and seeing the flamingos.

Overall score: 10 out of 10.

Bars and cafés on Dover beach

Infinity on the beach, Southern Palms and Pure Ocean

These hotels on Dover Beach all have beachfront bars that are good for a drink. Our favourite was Pure Ocean at the south end of Dover beach, though service was slightly surly and slow. Southern Palms has dinner on a Thursday and lunch on a Sunday with a steel band.

Overall score: 6 out of 10.

Johnny Cool’s

Another bar on Dover beach. Cocktails were fine but the service was a bit unfriendly.

Overall score: 6 out of 10.


Been to any of these St Lawrence Gap, Barbados restaurants? What did you think? Are there any we’ve missed? Comment below!

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