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How to use GPX/TCX files with Garmin, android or iphone: a step by step guide

So, we’ve inspired you to ride one of our routes. How do you download the file to your Garmin?


In this step-by-step guide we tell you how to use GPX/TCX files with Garmin, Android and iphones including how to transfer/download the files from our website to your device.

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1.  For Android or iphone

Go to step 3.

2.  For Garmin, do you want a GPX file or a TCX file?

If you’re not sure, read this then go to step 3 (for TCX files) or step 4 (for GPX files).

3.  How to upload the file on your android, iphone or (as a TCX file) on your Garmin

3.1  Click the download button on the Ridewithgps map. 

3.2 Follow the instructions to download it to your device.

4.  How to upload GPX file to Garmin

4.1 Click the GPX file tab

4.2 Click the GPX download button.

4.3 The file will save to your computer hard drive. 

4.4 Right click on the … buttons on the righthand-side of the download at the bottom of your screen, and select “show in finder” to see where it has downloaded on your computer. Remember this location - you’ll need it for step 3.8 below.

4.5 Plug your Garmin into your computer using a USB cable.

4.6 Go to the Garmin drive on your computer and find the folder called “Garmin”. 

4.7 Inside the Garmin folder find the subfolder called “NewFiles” or “GPX” (it depends on which  Garmin you have).

4.8 Go to the GPX file you located at step 3.4. Copy this into the subfolder described at 4.7. If you’re not sure how to copy it over, try either clicking on the GPX file and dragging and droping it into the Garmin subfolder. Or (on a PC) click on the GPX file with the right mouse button, choose “copy”, then right click in the Garmin folder and choose “paste”.

4.9 Safely disconnect your Garmin as you would any other USB device. 

4.10. Turn on your Garmin and you should find the route under the “Courses” menu.

5. Switch turn by turn directions on (if you want them!)

5.1 On your Garmin, tap the spanner icon.

5.2 Choose the Turn Guidance option.

5.3 Make sure it is switched to on.

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