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Tour of Flanders Museum
(and why you shouldn’t miss it)

For a cycling fan, particularly one with a passion for the history of the sport, the Tour of Flanders Museum in Oudenaarde, Belgium, is a must-visit destination.

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Written by John Vicars


Where is the Tour of Flanders museum?

The museum is easy to find - it sits just a few metres from the market square in Oudenaarde. You can’t fail to spot it because there’s a vintage Peugeot/Flandria team car parked on the kerbside immediately outside!

The museum is marked "Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen" on the map below:

The windows of the museum are decorated with unique cobblestones, each depicting the previous winner of the famous race.

What can you expect to see inside?

Inside is an absolute treasure trove of cycling inspiration.

You may even see Freddy Maertens, the museum’s curator and former world champion in the Eddy Merckz era.

Through a combination of artefacts collected from the inception of the race at the turn of the last century and a range of multimedia presentations chronicles, the museum chronicles the history and progress of the event.

You’ll see everything from vintage bikes (and wonder how on earth they made the journey up the Koppenberg) to life-size cut-outs of recent winners, Peter Sagan and Tom Boonen. There is even an interactive machine that simulates the experience of riding on the cobbles!

The museum displays the bike that Greg van Avermaet won his Olympic Gold medal on in 2016 and a whole room has been devoted to three-time winner Fabien Cancellara. In here, you’ll find his bikes, trophies and jerseys.

Famous bikes and cyclists in the Tour of Flanders Museum, Oudenaarde, Belgium
Tour of Flanders information boards at Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen, Oudenaarde

Don't miss! 

Make sure you don't miss some of our favourite items:

  • bikes that were ridden by Merckz
  • a jersey that once belonged to Johan Museeuw
  • a bust of the British rider Tom Simpson.
Cut out of Peter Sagan at Tour of Flanders Museum, Oudenaarde
Wall of cycling bottles at Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen, Oudenaarde

And finally...

There is an excellent gift shop and entrance lobby full of local information, including cycling route maps and a cycling themed café.

After a long day in the saddle, it is a perfect way of spending a couple of hours before dinner. Don’t miss it!

Over to you!

Have you been? Let us know and share any tips in the comments below!

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