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The Ride GC503 and GC504: Ayagueres cycling route, Gran Canaria


Elevation gain


Epic rating

32 km
620 m 



32 km
620 m 


Epic rating


If you’ve only got a couple of hours to spare, this short loop is a great option. 

It takes you inland from Maspalomas on a gentle gradient before kicking things up a few notches as you climb a cliff up to Monte León, one of the most exclusive addresses on the island. 

It’s only about 26 km with 480 meters of climbing, but what lovely climbing, with the steepest part concentrated into the 4 kilometres leading up to and above the pretty village of Ayagaures.

Expect impressive scenery and roads that are significantly quieter than the coast.

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The view from Cima Pedro Gonzalez/Mirador de Ayagaures, after you’ve conquered the bank of switchbacks that got you there.

Switchbacks up to Cima Pedro Gonzalez/Mirador de Ayagaures

Switchbacks to be climbed up to Cima Pedro Gonzalez/Mirador de Ayagaures

View from top of switchbacks on Ayagueres cycling route Gran Canaria

At the top

View from Cima Pedro Gonzalez/Mirador de Ayagaures, Gran Canaria bike route

View down the switchbacks to Ayagaures


1. Maspalomas to Ayagaures: 0-15 kilometres

The road out of Maspalomas passes under the main road above it and suddenly you get the feeling you’re heading out of town into the countryside. You pass a Go Karting Centre and huge water park on the GC504 and things improve again. 

To your right and left are mighty red-brown cliff faces and the enormous dam wall. 

You gently climb up the quiet valley for 8.5/9 kilometres until there’s a very sharp left turn. This marks the start of a series of four switchbacks and a few twists.You pass under a metal pole arch by the side of the white-washed church; this is Ayagaures.

Water park that you pass on this Gran Canaria cycling route

Aqualand (viewed from above) - you pass this as you ride into the Ayagaures valley

Dam wall in the Ayagaures valley, an easy cycling route in Gran Canaria

The dam wall: a huge feat of engineering

Turns up to Ayagaures in Gran Canaria

Turns up to Ayaguares and a pretty view back along the valley

2. Ayagaures to Maspalomas: 15-37 kilometres

You head out of Ayagueres on the GC503 and up a steep bank of switchbacks zig-zags. These take you up the cliff face to cima Pedro Gonzalez (490m) (also marked as Mirador de Ayagaures).

From here you descend back down towards the coast, passing swimming pools and beautiful villas perched high up on the cliff above the valley you just cycled up. This is the exclusive residential area of Monte León.

You drop back into Maspalomas and you’re done, with a sense you’ve tasted rural Gran Canaria’s dramatic landscapes despite being just a few kilometers from the sea.

Church in Ayagaures, Gran Canaria cycling route

Whitewashed Ayagaures is a pretty hamlet

View from the Cima Pedro Gonzalez/Mirador de Ayagaures

View from Cima Pedro Gonzalez/Mirador de Ayagaures

View back to the coast from Ayagaures cycling route, Gran Canaria

Cycling back to the coast


These are the cafés we spotted while riding (there may be others!). If you plan to rely on visiting any of these suggestions, make sure they’re still operating and will be open at the time you want to visit, before you leave home.

Bar La Cuevita, Carretera de Ayagaures, 14, Ayagaures

Bar Ayagaures, Caserio Ayagaures, 14, Ayagaures


Maspalomas is the best base for this ride.

Check out the "where to stay" section of our guide to Gran Canaria and our article on the best hotels for cyclists in Gran Canaria for more detailed information.


Check our tips for cyclists in Gran Canaria and all the other detailed information in our guide to Gran Canaria.

The loop can be ridden either way but we think anti-clockwise is better.

This (plus part of our Pico de las Nieves route) makes up stage 1 of the Epic Gran Canaria sportive ride, which usually takes place in the early spring each year.


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