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The Ride Sóller, Deià and Port de Valldemossa loop,


Elevation gain


Epic rating

61 km
1,430 m 



61 km
1,430 m 


Epic rating


This is a belter of a loop that takes you in a loop from Sóller to Valldemossa (via Deià) and then home via the stunning Coll de Sóller. 

It takes in some of Mallorca’s most charming towns, stunning sea views and superb mountain scenery and switchbacks.

It includes a Valldemossa - Port de Valldemossa - Valldemossa out and back which you can choose to do or bypass, as you wish. Our opinion: if you’ve got the legs, go for it. It’s a ride you won’t forget.

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The clear stand-outs are the out and back to Port Valldemossa, the coast road from Deià to Valldemossa, and the Coll de Sóller. Probably in that order.

This is a truly great ride and one that should leave you with many happy memories.


1. Sóller to Deià to Port de Valldemossa turn-off: 0-18.5km

You leave Sóller on a sunny, open road and start climbing through fields, towards the coast. There’s lots of curvy bends and a few hairpins.

As you get higher, you suddenly get views, which stretch down over the rugged cliffs, to the sea.

The road weaves in and out, hugging the cliffs and passing wonderful looking villas and one of Mallorca’s favourite hideouts of the rich and famous, Deià. You can see why it’s so popular - perched on the cliff, with fabulous restaurants and a charming bay at the foot of the cliffs (one to come back for!). Gradients are punchy in sections, but the pain is softened by the stunning backdrop.

2. Valldemossa turn-off to Port de Valldemossa to Valldemossa: 18.5km-32km

This out-and-back begs comparison with Sa Calobra. It’s like Sa Calobra’s lesser-known cousin.

As with Sa Calobra, you need to fully commit: once you’ve ridden down to Valldemossa port, there’s no alternative route back up. But what a route it is: you work your way down the hairpins, past rocky outcrops dotted with climbers, in the shade of the mountain and fragrant forest, until you reach Valldemossa beach, the bright blue sea, and harbour.

Looking back, you’re faced with a massively steep rockscape, and are left wondering how you’re going to get back up! The good news is that as well as being more peaceful and off the beaten track, it’s shorter than Sa Calobra at only 6km. Like Sa Calobra, the average gradient is 6%, and like Sa Calobra, it’s narrow.

In fact, it’s very narrow, much narrower than its cousin and, despite the optimistic central line for much of the route, often there is only around a metre of road either side. In some places, it’s unlikely you’d even be able to squeeze past a car. Luckily it’s got much less traffic than Sa Calobra, but you should be prepared for vehicles: there’s a hamlet at the port and a well-regarded restaurant. Don’t let that put you off - it’s an awesome ride!

We liked the road to Port de Valldemossa so much we wrote it its very own separate guide which you can find here!

Road to Puerto de Valldemossa Mallorca is perfect for cyclists

Views on the road down to Port de Valldemossa

One of the first switchbacks on the road down to Port de Valldemossa

Tight switchbacks down to the Port

Road into Puerto Valldemossa Mallorca and the pretty village

The charming Port de Valldemossa

3. Valldemossa to Coll de Sóller: 32km - 47.5km

Valldemossa is one of Mallorca’s prettiest and most famous towns (its connection with the musician Chopin is a big draw). The number of day-trippers reflect this. You catch a glimpse of the green-shuttered beauty on your right as you cycle past - and perhaps grimace slightly at the number of coaches parked up on the left.

It’s a sweeping descent down to the bottom of the valley where you enjoy a few kilometres along the valley floor before turning north, up the MA-11 to start your approach to the Coll de Sóller.

4. Coll de Sóller to Sóller: 47.5km - 61.5km

The Coll de Sóller is a joy to ride. We've got a guide dedicated to it here.

From the top of the Coll, it's a great descent down to where you began in Sóller town.

Coll de Soller

Heavenly lemon trees in Deià

Cycling between Deià and Valldemossa


Sóller, Deià, and Valldemossa are the obvious places for a café stop. All are gorgeous, with lots of café options. Sóller is the biggest, Deià (arguably) the most pretty and Valldemossa the most touristy. All have lots of things to do to keep non-cyclists happy.

Also consider C’an Topa, at the summit of the Coll de Sóller. We had a lovely lunch here (more details, here).

Take a look at our post on Mallorca’s cafés for more information and ideas.


If you want to do this loop, staying in Sóller, Deià or Valldemossa would be ideal.  Doing it from Port de Pollença would be a bit of stretch, unless you got a transfer or lift at least part of the way.

There's information on a range of Sóller hotels in our ultimate guide to Mallorca for cyclists

You’ll also find information in the guide on the hotel we stayed at in Port de Pollença, the Hotel Illa d’Or.

If you’re not sure what each town is like, read our best towns for cyclists article which should help you narrow down the best town for you.


We experienced quite a headwind in the Sóller to Valldemossa section: a windproof jacket is a good idea. Take a look at our report on the ​Coll de Sóller and our tips for cycling in Mallorca!

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